Standard Pocket Folders

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- Open Size: 12" x 18"
- Finish Size: 9" x 12"
- Pockets: 4" (1 or 2 pockets)
- Slits: Select from slit options
- Paper: 12pt. Coated 2 Sides Cover
- Ink: 4/0 - Full color on outside and pockets
Option for 4/4 - Includes full color on inside
- Turnaround: Standard 4-day turn with up to same day turn available
- UV and Soft Touch Coating adds one business day

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Standard Folder
Both Pockets / Left Pocket / Right Pocket
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In 2014 we change our standard 9 x 12 pocket folders from 5 days to 4 days for a normal turn. However much faster times are available for a small upcharge, Although it does depend on the quantity and the options that are chosen. If you choose under 5000 quantity with no special coatings such as UV or Soft Touch most of the time we are capable of turning the job on the SAME DAY. Obviously there is a cost to do so but the cost in most cases is affordable and as far as we can tell much cheaper than all of our competitors. The best way to schedule a rush is to contact our estimating department by calling (602) 233-1111.

SAME DAY and NEXT DAY turnarounds are subject to some requirements: For SAME DAY turnarounds, we need correct files by 9AM so we can send you a proof for you to approve. We need a proof wavier form signed and returned to us by 12:00PM in order to make a SAME DAY deadline. For NEXT DAY Turnarounds we need a signed proof wavier form back to us by 3:30PM for the job to ship the NEXT DAY.

Our #1 seller is our 1000 cost at $633.00 with free gloss aqueous coating. First time customers can type in "welcome" at checkout to get $20 any quantity order, we are running a special right now August 2014 - September 2014 and this coupon only applies if the purchase is made off the website.

We understand that your about ready to spend a few hundred dollars with us and both of us need to make sure everything goes perfect. We want your return business and you want a great product, so on every job that we produce we have an actual pre-press technician look at your file. Anytime your ever purchasing any type of printing on the internet you always want someone to look at your files. We try and do out best but do not guaranty to catch every mistake but we do give you a courtesy review. Everyone gets a free PDF proof, we email these out to you within 1 business days after you make your purchase.

Files may be uploaded at any time before purchase, If you would like us to preform a quick preflight before you purchase we will be more than happy to do so. Please upload your file and contact our prep department with your concerns. Electronic PDF proofs are available free of charge while physical hardcopies printed on an Epson large format inkjet printer are not. If you a local customer you may always come by to inspect the hardcopy free of charge. If we send you a proof and file changes need to be made, there may be a charge to preflight the new file.