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CanDo Printing is backed by a team of experienced print specialists. If you need printing that goes beyond the standard items we offer, just submit a request for a Custom job and we'll get it done. We offer a full array of papers, sizes, quantities, inks and finishing, and folding techniques for the look and feel you want. All of the products/printing that we offer here at CanDo is printed in CMYK. We use this process on our 6 color 24x29 Ryobi press. You can also incorporate special capabilities into your printing, such as embossing, foil-stamping, die-cutting or more!

Complete the information below with as much detail as possible. There is a "Project Description" box, at the end, for listing requests for different types of paper, quantities, colors, folds, or any other details specific to this request.

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Example: Capacity Folder, File Folder, Three Panel Folder, etc.

The size of a printed product after printing and trimming but before any finishing operations that affect its size, such as folding.

The size of a printed product after all production operations have been completed.

Colors to be printed

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Please list the paper weight and type if possible (example: 80# Gloss Text). If you are unsure of the weight or type, just describe the type as best as you can.

The process of bending printed sheets in a specific area. Folding is one of our popular bindery jobs.

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